Your 2 first impressions

You may never get a chance to make a first impression a second time but you have two first impressions to make.

When we meet each other, we’re pretty accustomed to the preparation. A couple rules come to mind like taking a shower, doing your hair, looking appropriate (what ever that might be) and trying not to stink. Standard stuff really. Smile. When we have guests to our homes the bet gets raised. Now we clean the house, choose and prepare a meal and actively host too. If you’re a nice person you usually make great first impressions when they’re made face to face.

It’s normal to make analogue impressions. These are the kind we’ve been making for years. We’re motivated by consequence in these impressions. When we meet people physically we can see their face and they can see ours. It might not seem like much but because of it we can see each others reactions. We want to get a pleasant response from people when they’re right there in front of us. I submit to you that because we can’t see people’s reactions when they meet us online we don’t care to prepare for it. Odd.

The reality of a second impression is exploding around us but it’s not easy to see or hear. It’s not right in front of us and because of that it’s hard to gage our success. This second opportunity is the digital one. It’s the impression you make online. How is you’re digital introduction doing? Are people pleased to meet you online?

Geography and time, both previous limitations for introduction and interaction, are now mitigated by new digital tools and realities. It seems reasonable to posit that never before in history has it been so easy to meet people. Yet, most of us do so in the digital world fairly poorly. With all this potential it’s weird to see so few people take advantage of it. Are you?

Today we all have a second impression to make. One of our impressions is easy. We’ve been practicing it for years. The other impression has huge potential but it’s new. Consider being very intentional about your digital first impressions. It’s one of your first impressions and it can be very powerful if you craft it well.

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