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Business Cards and Scalability

Dave Morin mentioned recently, via twitter that “Business cards don’t scale.” On one hand, if the business card is left as it has been for years, we agree, they don’t scale. Physical cards only go so far. But what about a digital card that could be edited at anytime and be sent to anyone? We think could be the ticket. Do you?

Some tactics we’ve seen totally eliminate the card all together. Others make tons of cards while still others have some form of digital card. We at think there is some blend to be made between the analogue world and the digital.

To our minds, it seems like a clutch idea to have one place where all the other places links are and can be presented easily. It can be your introduction page to all the places you interact. In this way when someone new meets you they are empowered to decide on what level they want to interact with you, something blogs do not typically offer. Gone are the days of hunting people down on a pile of social sites if those people have an page, go there to find where they are. Lets make introductions easier. Consider telling your friends about

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