Why The Growth Of Microsoft Azure Is So Significant

As Microsoft’s celebrated cloud platform, Microsoft Azure is one of the most prestigious data solutions currently in use today. It seems clear that Micosoft Azure will continue to receive strong reviews and professional accolades in the coming years.

After disappointing some commentators with its controversial late 90s operating systems, Microsoft has rebuilt its reputation to a large degree.

The Impact of Azure

Since the launch of Azure in 2010, this software has driven a large proportion of Microsoft’s revenue growth. According to industry commentators, Azure management is currently one of the most marketable skills in the Canadian IT sector. Arguably, the impressive growth of Microsoft Azure shows that Microsoft’s management still demonstrates a fair amount of vision and integrity.

One of the reasons Azure is so important is because this product exemplifies deep understanding and appreciation for infrastructure as a service (IAAS). By adopting this model for IT early on, Microsoft showed the kind of open-minded thinking they used to achieve massive success in the 80s.

The Cloud Storage Advantages

In the past, companies often had little choice but to invest large sums in physical data storage infrastructure. This often proved quite taxing for companies that were growing steadily but still fairly modest in size. For companies in this category, it is often difficult to balance upcoming storage needs with present budgetary constraints.

Organizations in this category can benefit greatly from the IAAS model. IAAS can help you avoid committing to the expense and complexity of managing a physical data center. Sometimes, managers do not properly estimate their data needs. When you secure integrated cloud services based on Azure, you can receive instant data solutions that are perfectly tailored for your situation.

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The Impact Of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform

The growth of Azure is significant because it shows that veteran companies like Microsoft are capable of adapting their IT solutions to the demands of the times. It seems that Microsoft may have the vision to avoid the fate of IBM, a company that lost its home computer division due to hubris and unwillingness to change.

A variety of managed public cloud providers are now locked in stiff competition with Microsoft to control this burgeoning industry. Arguably, the growth of Azure ensures a healthy competition in this industry that can only benefit customers. We should be heartened that Microsoft demonstrates willingness to utilize open source technologies within the Azure framework.