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Why search?

With all the opportunity now in the social networking environment to meet people and extend personal and corporate brands why are we making people search for us? When we search, the vast majority of the time we don’t find what we want to find anyway. Now consider when someone searches for you. Are they finding what they want to find? So what good is all the opportunity if it’s lost because people can’t find you?

In this context we wonder why we don’t all make a great introduction page for ourselves and make sure people in each of our networking locations point to it. It’ll sure beat the process of constantly managing your search engine optimization. Not only would you be providing context for yourself, which everyone who would search for you is looking for anyway, you can track the volume of your page. You can see if people are looking for you.

Our question is, why make people search for you? Really. Why? Why make people search when the wide majority of the time you have the opportunity to craft your introduction vs. leave that introduction to the chance of search engines. You can give people an introduction page of optimized links to your stuff online that looks like search. In that case, if they see that page first, they’ll likely never have the instinct to search.

So, one link to rule them all on your card, on your profiles, in your email signature. You’re happy. The people you meet are happy. It’s your internet signature and your network extends.

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