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Who needs a card?

It seems a pressing question these days. At least our google alerts suggests it is. All kinds of people are talking about business cards. John, a.k.a. human3rror, is wondering if bloggers need business cards.

To our minds, cards are just another tool to get a certain task done. When meeting someone we tend to be vastly more intersted in interacting with them on a personal level and learning more about them when they are physically infront of us than we are in remembering the particulars of their address or even name. Think, “now, remember the “e” is before the “i” but no “s” and start with a “p.” Moreover, likely hundreds of distractions will occur before either person gets the chance to “remember” the other’s information and look it up.

So, do bloggers need business cards? We don’t know. It seems if bloggers want to increase the chances of being remembered and having people come interact with their content, business cards (in this case maybe you’d call them personal cards because maybe you don’t yet do business with your blog) might be a helpful tool. might make your cards more simple by empowering you to print one address on the card that simply presents your links in one place. helps you say, “Hello. Here is where I am online.” In this way you can include more than one (or a few) links to your web footprint.  Further, you can edit or add to the content of your page at any time without the needs to reprint your cards. We think that’s a powerfull idea.

John, thanks for the post.

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