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The business card is (is not) dead

There is some discussion out there regarding if the business card is dead. Well, it is more than a discussion. A handful of companies are actively working toward that end.

To our minds, the insight the discussion is addressing is that a growing number of us are gaining more and more contact points, more than you can put on a card for example. So in that sense the card is dead. We’re simply pushing on the boundaries of the surface area on a card. Further, the trend is to get mini cards, i.e. Not only that, but we also change our communication habits quite regularly. So, what is the point in having a card at all if after printing it it just changes anyway and there is to much to print?

Well, we have on a number of occasions, had someone give us more than one card. We still want to give something to people when we meet them. Or better, it seems we want to help them remember us. So in that sense the card is not dead.

It seems the card is both dead and alive but to be sure it is changing. Enjoy and We made them redirect just for you. No matter which side of the field you land on for this challenge it seems some part of our solution can help you share.

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