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We recently added a feature with a bit of a technical name that will help users add pages to their profile with much more ease than the previous manual way. Technically, it’s called a bookmarklet. We’ll refer to it as our “Quick Add” feature.

All users now have a link at the top of their “/edit_profile” page that can be made a bookmark in their browser. Call it what you like but consider keeping it in view on your browser window instead of hiding it way way down a list. This will be a helpful little button. When you’re out surfing and you want to add something to your page just click the bookmark button while on the desired page. We’ll do the hard work of capturing the address, naming it and adding it to your profile in a new catagory called “added from web” all with the magic of some javascript and other goodness.

For you though, remember, you click once. Just once for all those steps. That’s why we call it “Quick Add.” Then you can login and switch stuff around as you like.

We hope you like it. We hope it helps. Cheers.

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