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Press Release of Sorts – Draft – updated

We thought we’d invite you into the office by pre-releasing our press release in a draft form. Many of you likely have more skill in press releases than we do. Regardless of your press release acumen, we look forward to hearing your thoughts. was started to solve a difficult problem with a simple solution. Joseph noticed that in our online presence we tend to make very poor introductions to our personal brand. We’ve got several email addresses (work and home), several media pages (Facebook, MySpace, a blog, etc.), but they’re typically scattered and disconnected.  How do we bring all that together into a single identity? Joseph approached Neil, a college friend & master coding ninja, about building a web service together and was born.’s primary function is to aid you in gathering all of your online presence (e.g. social networks, micro-sites, etc.), organize and present them in one place.  It works a bit like a personal homepage, an easy storage space for your interests (links), contact info (email), blogs, and social media pages (Facebook, MySpace).

Having an page allows for simple introductions to your entire personal brand, consolidation of your complete web footprint, & a true extension of you in the online world.

Interaction on the web is like a continuous cocktail party where you’re meeting new people everytime you go to the bar for another drink. There’s just one major difference. At a real cocktail party, when someone approaches you pause the conversation, politely introduce yourself and invite them into your conversation. Why do we act so different online? Online we keep on with our conversation without a well-formed, coherent introduction. Online we’re pretty good with interaction but rather poor with introduction.

How do you introduce yourself, your personal brand, online?  Who are you?  What are you about?  Where do you come from?  What do you like?  What do you care about?  What is the “essence” of you?  At we provide a solution that empowers you to make a positive and powerful introduction online by consolidating your links, email, and social media pages in one place. This way your new connection doesn’t have to rely on Google to find your online identity–and Google’s impersonal formula isn’t in charge of your personal brand.  Lets face it, we don’t have time to google everyone we wave to online. We need to streamline the way we introduce ourselves and say hello. offers a simple thing, Your links, one place.™ The address doesn’t change but the content can.

Now you can be at ease about printing your introduction web address on your business card, use it as your twitter link or in your social profiles, and put it in your email signatures.

Don’t just wave, Say Hello!

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