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The Advantages of Technology

Some people think that technology started to change the social life nowadays.

Lead Generation in the Industry

The best tips on how technology can generate the most leads for their business

Market to Millenniales

Focused on how real estate agents can use social media, digital marketing and new technologies to connect and relate to the millennial buyer or seller.

Who needs a card?

It seems a pressing question these days. At least our google alerts suggests it is. All kinds of people are talking about business cards. John, a.k.a. human3rror, is […]

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Feature: Tour

A recent feature addition to .extendr is the Tour. The .extendr profile is a great way to present your links, but we thought we could do better at […]

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Feature: Customization

.extendr allows customization of your profile. The free version allows 6 foreground and 2 background colors and premium adds fully customizable colors. Premium also enables custom background images […]

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