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The Advantages of Technology

Some people think that technology started to change the social life nowadays.

Lead Generation in the Industry

The best tips on how technology can generate the most leads for their business

Market to Millenniales

Focused on how real estate agents can use social media, digital marketing and new technologies to connect and relate to the millennial buyer or seller.

Feature Addition

We’re happy to announce a feature addition for email links in all profiles. Now, when email links are clicked a lightbox displays with an email form. The information […]

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8 or more links

On the homepage digital cards are generated as links to real profiles every time the page is loaded. The hope for this section is that it explains […]

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Quick Add

We recently added a feature with a bit of a technical name that will help users add pages to their profile with much more ease than the previous […]

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Thanks Bud

Today, Bud Bilanich, the common sense guy, included us in his blog post regarding “positive personal impact.” Bud, we’re glad you’ve seen us to be fit to include […]

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