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Know the Algorithm

Google is going to find you. It is just the way it is. Maybe you’ll run a race at some point, your name will be printed somewhere, some place and boom, you’ve been found. So, the question is about what will be there when someone asks Google about you?

Google, in this sense then, can be seen as that contact, that friend that knows everyone in the crowd at the party and is so nifty, cool and interesting. Google is the disembodied entity most people have a real opportunity to meet. Google is the one you want to hangout with. The difference is that you don’t have to wait in line to introduce your self to Google and to strike up a conversation.

This is, in some sense, a factor in the decision to start extendr. We looked around and asked ourselves what it would be like to introduce ourselves to Google in a clear and elevator-pitch kind of way.

We don’t have the results yet. We hope you check it out and decided if the service is right for your goals. We’ll keep you updated as we continue down the path of this prototyping adventure.

Oh, least I mention that we also think could be a real nifty way to consolidate all your stuff in one place so as to make it easier to share your stuff with embodied people too. See, the “share” link and the “get cards” option for more on those strategies.

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