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Jobs and Social Media

Social media has such power to connect people and job seekers need connection to new people, therefore we’re seeing a significant shift toward using social media in the hiring process. Both sides are using it.

For the job seeker, being active in the right space seems to be a high priority. Many people are signing up for all kinds of services and maintaining activity there. On the hiring side, social media has not only made it simpler to connect with people but also to learn more about the people who have connected with them. can help both sides. For job seeker, collecting your links in one place can send a strong message that you’re confident and open. Who else is doing the Google search on themselves, collecting it nicely and presenting it to their future employer? Further, what good is a ton of activity in the social space if employers don’t find it? For the hiring person, wouldn’t it be great if everyone came to you with what they wanted you to find of them in Google? Wouldn’t that help inform your decisions for the better?

Recently, the page of one of the founders played a crucial role in landing him a significant opportunity. We think can do the same for you and when it does or if it has, we’ll be pleased to have helped out.

Consider encouraging someone to sign up and build a profile at today.

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