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Feature: Tour

A recent feature addition to .extendr is the Tour. The .extendr profile is a great way to present your links, but we thought we could do better at letting people check out all of somebody’s .extendr links in succession. By either adding “/tour” to the end of someone’s .extendr address or clicking the “My Tour” button in the top right of their profile, a viewer can go through all of someone’s links, one at a time by clicking on the right and left arrows.

Now, we do use an iframe for this, and I am well aware of the controversy, and even downright anger, a lot of site owners have over misused iframes, but we believe that this use adds value to our web experience and we hope (and have heard) people find it useful. Unfortunately, there are quite a few sites out there that will detect if they’re loaded inside an iframe and break out of them..which stops the .extendr tour immediately when this happens. We’ve handled this by maintaining a list of these sites and loading an informative message during the tour when one of these sites is detected with a link to open the site in a new tab so the tour may continue. If anyone does find sites that are still breaking people’s .extendr tours, feel free to let me know!

Check one out at

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