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Feature: Links

First, .extendr is a collection of your links. It is common for people today to have a presence on many different sites. They may have a blog or two, a facebook account, twitter, and a collection of accounts on other random social networks. With .extendr, you pull all these together and if someone wants to check you out they can instantly see which social networks they have in common with you and what else looks interesting to them.

Links can be added in several ways. First, you can simply type or paste in a url and link name. Or, you can use the popular site dropdown to pick a popular service and just type your username in and .extendr will construct your profile link. Third, and perhaps the quickest for adding a bunch of sites at once, is the Quick Add feature. Quick Add is a bookmarklet (found in settings > profile) that can be dragged to your browser bookmark bar and any site you’re on that you’d like to add to your extendr profile can be quickly added by just clicking the button. We also support email links: add an email and we won’t publish it, but will let visitors to your profile send you a message through a form.. if it comes from someone you wish to continue communicating with.. go ahead and reply, otherwise, they won’t have your email address.

You can put your .extendr address (e.g. anywhere that asks for your ‘bio’ or ‘profile url’ as well as your email signatures and business cards and you’ve instantly guided anyone who’s interested to your entire web presence.

It’s about making it easy for people to meet you.

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