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We’re happy to announce a feature addition for email links in all profiles. Now, when email links are clicked a lightbox displays with an email form. The information in the form now gets sent to your email.

There are two advantages to this method. One, your email now has a increased layer of security from bots and scrapers out looking for addresses to collect and add to spam lists. Don’t worry if your email was on a page thus far; our server logs show no such activity. Two, the email you choose to put on your page stays hidden from view from users too. In this way, you can now receive a message from someone without them knowing through what email address it was sent. This allows you the chance to choose to respond from whichever address you have (assuming you have more than one) that is appropriate for that contact. We think that is pretty slick and we hope you do too.

We hope is playing a quality role in helping you introduce yourself and in extending your network(s). Give us a shout via if you have stories and/or ideas for the service. We’d love to hear what you have to share. Cheers.

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