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.extendr premium launches

  • Nearly 1/3 of Web searches look for people, but the average person’s online footprint is spread in too many locations to make an effective introduction.
  • .extendr brings all your links in one place, creating your online table of contents – the address is always the same, but you decide what new content to add, so you’re always relevant.
  • .extendr is a simple profile page, for which you decide your relevant groups and links; for a buck a month, premium members can enhance pages with pictures, expanded colors and graphics.
  • Populated with your choice links, your .extendr page gives an Amazon-style, page-by-page “tour” of your digital footprint using a simple preview pane interface.
  • .extendr is one link to rule all your links – your customized search results page.
  • To learn more about premium, check out our FAQ, or Join Now!

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