Cultivating an Idiosyncratic IT Consulting Service

Just like other business, IT consultancy requires a hale and hearty flow of customers, and therefore, calls for informed marketing strategies. However, many IT Support consulting providers rely on the word-of-mouth—which simply means that they don’t market. If you are working alone, this may be sustainable. However, if you want to grow your business, you will definitely need to come up with a working plan of reaching out to potential prospects.

Be a connoisseur in your field

Strive to establish yourself as a specialist or an expert in your field by writing blogs and speaking at trade shows. You can also dedicate some time to educate your target client base on some of the IT terminologies that they don’t understand, benefits of certain IT concepts, and how certain IT services can help their businesses.

Embrace social networking

Social media provides a great platform to speak directly to people who share the same passion as you. Establish a strong presence in major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Just ensure that you remain as professional as possible, especially when sharing anything related to your business.

Form partnerships

Partnering with established but non-competing firms will go a long way in building your IT support business. However, you need to be cautious about certain aspects of your partner’s business, including how enthusiastic the company is about your project, how close your services are with their client base, and how satisfied their clients are among other considerations. Remember, the company you are partnering with, will essentially vouch for you; so it is pertinent to allow their advice carry weight.

Real-world Networking

Real world networking is one of the top secrets to any consulting business. Because you are the best representative of your IT support brand, move out of your comfort zone and start selling your brand. Get involved in the IT industry publicly by attending relevant conferences, promotional events, and local meet-ups. Whenever you go, arm yourself with a killer elevator pitch, business cards, and a go-getter attitude. Additionally, always dress professionally and leverage on making good impression on the potential prospects that you meet.

Bottom Line

By and large, marketing IT consulting services requires “expertise marketing”, which is usually done in hidden marketplaces that put a lot of emphasis of trust and great relationships. In a nutshell, consultancy business operate outside the conventional marketing mix of 4Ps—product, placement, price, and promotion. Rather, it utilizes “rainmaking” strategies that are commonly used by advertising companies, law firms, and other service organizations. This involves identifying and targeting potential clients, establishing what their problems might be, and solving them with an aim of cultivating a trust relationship—which is always the cornerstone of consultancy business marketing.