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An Idiom is Among Us

We think we have an idiom among us. It seems to be the popular notion regarding getting jobs and general success in the world, among the circles we run. Go ahead, tell someone you’re job hunting and its highly probable you’ll hear, “It’s about who you know” mentioned at some point in the conversation.

We at wonder though, does that really capturing what’s going on? To our minds its really more about who knows you. To that end then, its in all our best interests to make it easy for people to know us.

This insight, among a couple others, is part of why exists. Our goal is that on some level can be of assistance to you in your pursuit of being known.

Maybe we can all start using a new phrase and get it to spread, “It’s about who knows you.” Who knows, maybe you can stick that idea in your personal branding tool kit and use it to your advantage.

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