6 Ways in Which Businesses Enjoy Affordability Thanks to Cloud Hosting

The technology revolution has been created for small businesses by cloud hosting, which has offered these companies access to more capabilities mostly afforded by only large companies. Like utility services paid on a monthly basis, small companies can use managed hosting, software and services as they need to use a web browser and internet connection.  By joining the “Cloud,” your business can access to customer relationship management to data backup services.

Here are six advantages the managed cloud hosting to your company.

  1. Collaboration Improvements

Using a device with internet connectivity, you can use Cloud-based programs at any time. For businesses with remote employees, this is particularly beneficial as it leads to greater collaboration. Remote productivity in operations is considered critical by an expanding percentage of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs): a 2010 survey conducted by Microsoft showed that 66 percent need their employees to work at any time anywhere.

Without the need to share task lists and e-mail attachments and calendars, collaboration on documents can be done with Cloud-based software. Download and installation of programs are not necessary as participants only need to sign up to access the program online.

Impromptu meetings and instant messaging connect employees with robust video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities. Vendors and customers can be included in these meetings by some Cloud-based services. Your company will be enabled to more quickly react to business opportunities through this enhanced sharing of information.

  1. Growth management

You can handle busy periods and support growth by increasing capacity or tapping resources since Cloud resources are scalable. Predicting resources your company will need is a challenge in running a small company, especially when you need to scale and take advantage and opportunities without overspending. Rather than prediction, Cloud resources enable you to react to your requirements as they spring up and use only what you need in your business.

  1. Cost reduction

Upgrade and software licensing expenses, cooling and power costs and server maintenance are some of the fronts Cloud-based services save money. About 49 percent of the SMBs lower cost by using Cloud computing, according to a survey by Microsoft. The Cloud not only enables you to scale up to meet increased demand but also scale down when periods are slow, thus saving money for your business.

  1. Data backup security

In case of an on-site system failure, you can retrieve your data from the Cloud. Your data can be safely backed up online automatically or frequently, depending on your choosing. For improved security, most providers offer Geo-redundant backup where your data is saved in many locations in different locations. 

  1. Increased Reliability

Faster problem resolution is guaranteed by experienced and dedicated IT staff of the Cloud service provider, ensuring more reliability than the limited IT resources of a small business.

  1. Resource management with ease

More focus is put on running your business since the servers are not located on-site, and the experienced provider monitors their management. Time taken to start your services is small as Cloud resources can be accessed as needed. Use of the Cloud has become necessary, especially for small businesses that want to be more competitive and stretch their resources.