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The Advantages of Technology

Some people think that technology started to change the social life nowadays.

Lead Generation in the Industry

The best tips on how technology can generate the most leads for their business

Market to Millenniales

Focused on how real estate agents can use social media, digital marketing and new technologies to connect and relate to the millennial buyer or seller.

6 Ways in Which Businesses Enjoy Affordability Thanks to Cloud Hosting

The technology revolution has been created for small businesses by cloud hosting, which has offered these companies access to more capabilities mostly afforded by only large companies. Like utility services paid on a monthly basis, small companies can use managed hosting, software and services as they need to use a web browser and internet connection. By joining the “Cloud,” your business can access to customer relationship management to data backup services.

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Why The Growth Of Microsoft Azure Is So Significant

As Microsoft’s celebrated cloud platform, Microsoft Azure is one of the most prestigious data solutions currently in use today. It seems clear that Micosoft Azure will continue to receive strong reviews and professional accolades in the coming years. After disappointing some commentators with its controversial late 90s operating systems, Microsoft has rebuilt its reputation to a large degree. Since the launch of Azure in 2010, this software has driven a large proportion of Microsoft’s revenue growth. According to industry commentators, Azure management is currently one of the most marketable skills in the Canadian IT sector. Arguably, the impressive growth of Microsoft Azure shows that Microsoft’s management still demonstrates a fair amount of vision and integrity. One of the reasons Azure is so important is because this product exemplifies deep understanding and appreciation for infrastructure as a service (IAAS). By adopting this model for IT early on, Microsoft showed the kind of open-minded thinking they used to achieve massive success in the 80s.

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Mobile Applications – Giving Contractors the Freedom to Work Remotely

Working remotely means setting appointments and analyzing jobs from a random location. For contractors, this is an ideal way to monitor employees and delegate tasks effectively. While on the go, the contractor may receive certain requests that will require them to create form app and contracts immediately. With mobile form software, designing and producing a form on the go is simple and easier than one may think. Each application has a set-and-forget style template that allows the person to enter data and build a form quickly. The software is also compatible with several mobile devices so contractors can send their information with ease.

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The Aspects of System Integration Testing

System integration testing is a branch of software development process where program units are combined, and group tests carried out in multiple ways. Integration testing help to expose problems in program components interface before they cause trouble in the real-world execution of the program. Integration testing is basically a portion of Extreme Programming (XP) for software development based on continual testing and revision processes.

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We’re in Alpha will be a great accelerant for your networking. We’re exited to be working on our Alpha and even more excited to switch to Beta. Check out our […]

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The Beta is Live

Greetings from We’re excited to be in beta, which we might keep the mental concept of for a very long time. However, we are eager to move […]

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