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Real estate marketing is competitive and challenging, but you can win with effective real estate marketing ideas

Lead Generation in the industry

The best tips on how realtors can generate the most leads for their business

Market to Millenniales

Focused on how real estate agents can use social media, digital marketing and new technologies to connect and relate to the millennial buyer or seller.

8 or more links

On the homepage digital cards are generated as links to real profiles every time the page is loaded. The hope for this section is that it explains what is in an experiential way and it gives users exposure.

There are currently two criteria for deciding which cards get presented. The first criteria is that when a profile is set up the box “Is it OK to publish a link to your profile?” needs to have been checked. The second criteria is that only pages that have 8 or more links on them are currently eligible for a homepage feature.

Thanks to all of you who have given permision to link to your profiles. We appriciate it.

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Jobs and Social Media

Social media has such power to connect people and job seekers need connection to new people, therefore we’re seeing a significant shift toward using social media in the hiring process. Both sides are using it.

For the job seeker, being active in the right space seems to be a high priority. Many people are signing up for all kinds of services and maintaining activity there. On the hiring side, social media has not only made it simpler to connect with people but also to learn more about the people who have connected with them. can help both sides. For job seeker, collecting your links in one place can send a strong message that you’re confident and open. Who else is doing the Google search on themselves, collecting it nicely and presenting it to their future employer? Further, what good is a ton of activity in the social space if employers don’t find it? For the hiring person, wouldn’t it be great if everyone came to you with what they wanted you to find of them in Google? Wouldn’t that help inform your decisions for the better?

Recently, the page of one of the founders played a crucial role in landing him a significant opportunity. We think can do the same for you and when it does or if it has, we’ll be pleased to have helped out.

Consider encouraging someone to sign up and build a profile at today.

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Business Cards and Scalability

Dave Morin mentioned recently, via twitter that “Business cards don’t scale.” On one hand, if the business card is left as it has been for years, we agree, they don’t scale. Physical cards only go so far. But what about a digital card that could be edited at anytime and be sent to anyone? We think could be the ticket. Do you?

Some tactics we’ve seen totally eliminate the card all together. Others make tons of cards while still others have some form of digital card. We at think there is some blend to be made between the analogue world and the digital.

To our minds, it seems like a clutch idea to have one place where all the other places links are and can be presented easily. It can be your introduction page to all the places you interact. In this way when someone new meets you they are empowered to decide on what level they want to interact with you, something blogs do not typically offer. Gone are the days of hunting people down on a pile of social sites if those people have an page, go there to find where they are. Lets make introductions easier. Consider telling your friends about

If you’re on twitter tweet about it now

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–sent via

Our email feature is advanced. It doesn’t matter that you call your email links in because when an email link is clicked a light box loads with an email form in it. This adds security from bots looking to add your address to spam lists and it offers you the flexibility to respond to whatever email comes in with the appropriate address for that particular correspondence.

If you have your email links named with your email address consider changing it. We hope this helps you simultaneously hide from bots but be more accessible to real people.

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Quick Add

We recently added a feature with a bit of a technical name that will help users add pages to their profile with much more ease than the previous manual way. Technically, it’s called a bookmarklet. We’ll refer to it as our “Quick Add” feature.

All users now have a link at the top of their “/edit_profile” page that can be made a bookmark in their browser. Call it what you like but consider keeping it in view on your browser window instead of hiding it way way down a list. This will be a helpful little button. When you’re out surfing and you want to add something to your page just click the bookmark button while on the desired page. We’ll do the hard work of capturing the address, naming it and adding it to your profile in a new catagory called “added from web” all with the magic of some javascript and other goodness.

For you though, remember, you click once. Just once for all those steps. That’s why we call it “Quick Add.” Then you can login and switch stuff around as you like.

We hope you like it. We hope it helps. Cheers.

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.extendr’s Creation Story

At one point I was a window washer. When I was looking for a different gig and trying to make the best impression of myself. I would meet people in person and be able to control and package the information they received. However, when I met people online or left my card with them I had no idea what would be the best link to give them. I was continually wondering what they would find of me online. Moreover, I could not game google enough to get the links I wanted on the main page of my search results.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I built a site full of the things I wished google would find of me. I tossed a little personal brand texture in, and stuck it up on one url. When I started sharing that one place that included my picture and video links right along with my company and personal websites I got huge feedback. Both traffic and positive words about the concept were sent my way. That’s when I thought maybe I had something to build as a service so others could do the same.

I approached Neil, a friend from those formative college years, with the idea and he agreed to be the developer ninja on the project. was born.

Since then we’ve been developing a tool to help people do more than wave at each other online. Our goal is to help people say, “Hello” in a way that makes a great introduction.

We’re happy to welcome you along for the ride. — Joseph

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Press Release of Sorts – Draft – updated

We thought we’d invite you into the office by pre-releasing our press release in a draft form. Many of you likely have more skill in press releases than we do. Regardless of your press release acumen, we look forward to hearing your thoughts. was started to solve a difficult problem with a simple solution. Joseph noticed that in our online presence we tend to make very poor introductions to our personal brand. We’ve got several email addresses (work and home), several media pages (Facebook, MySpace, a blog, etc.), but they’re typically scattered and disconnected.  How do we bring all that together into a single identity? Joseph approached Neil, a college friend & master coding ninja, about building a web service together and was born.’s primary function is to aid you in gathering all of your online presence (e.g. social networks, micro-sites, etc.), organize and present them in one place.  It works a bit like a personal homepage, an easy storage space for your interests (links), contact info (email), blogs, and social media pages (Facebook, MySpace).

Having an page allows for simple introductions to your entire personal brand, consolidation of your complete web footprint, & a true extension of you in the online world.

Interaction on the web is like a continuous cocktail party where you’re meeting new people everytime you go to the bar for another drink. There’s just one major difference. At a real cocktail party, when someone approaches you pause the conversation, politely introduce yourself and invite them into your conversation. Why do we act so different online? Online we keep on with our conversation without a well-formed, coherent introduction. Online we’re pretty good with interaction but rather poor with introduction.

How do you introduce yourself, your personal brand, online?  Who are you?  What are you about?  Where do you come from?  What do you like?  What do you care about?  What is the “essence” of you?  At we provide a solution that empowers you to make a positive and powerful introduction online by consolidating your links, email, and social media pages in one place. This way your new connection doesn’t have to rely on Google to find your online identity–and Google’s impersonal formula isn’t in charge of your personal brand.  Lets face it, we don’t have time to google everyone we wave to online. We need to streamline the way we introduce ourselves and say hello. offers a simple thing, Your links, one place.™ The address doesn’t change but the content can.

Now you can be at ease about printing your introduction web address on your business card, use it as your twitter link or in your social profiles, and put it in your email signatures.

Don’t just wave, Say Hello!

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Thanks Bud

Today, Bud Bilanich, the common sense guy, included us in his blog post regarding “positive personal impact.” Bud, we’re glad you’ve seen us to be fit to include and think we can be helpful. Thanks for the kind words.

Stop by and check him out on his site or his .extendr page.

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Liberate Yourself

“It is a powerful act to name something.  It is powerful to be emancipated from the bonds of imposed language.  It is an act of liberation to find one’s own words and one’s own names” – Clemens Sedmak

Liberate your personal brand online.

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Elevator Pitch – Draft

So, Yes, Joseph is reading from notes in this video but what do you think of the content and pitch. Next time he’ll stand up and act like he doesn’t have notes.

View it here

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