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Real estate marketing is competitive and challenging, but you can win with effective real estate marketing ideas

Lead Generation in the industry

The best tips on how realtors can generate the most leads for their business

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Focused on how real estate agents can use social media, digital marketing and new technologies to connect and relate to the millennial buyer or seller.

Mobile Applications – Giving Contractors the Freedom to Work Remotely

Working remotely means setting appointments and analyzing jobs from a random location. For contractors, this is an ideal way to monitor employees and delegate tasks effectively. While on the go, the contractor may receive certain requests that will require them to create form app and contracts immediately. With mobile form software, designing and producing a form on the go is simple and easier than one may think. Each application has a set-and-forget style template that allows the person to enter data and build a form quickly. The software is also compatible with several mobile devices so contractors can send their information with ease.

Form Building in Mobile ApplicationsIn each application, users can either choose pre-designed forms, or they can customize their own. The interface will allow them to build a form that matches their specific needs at the time. When the form is in place, the user can file it under a designated category for future use. For instance, a contract file can store all the forms created for settlements and binding agreements. Contractors can create simple forms for basic jobs, and complex forms for risky monumental projects. With a mobile form app, they can pull up the most suitable contract for any particular deal while in motion.

Creating and Storing Forms

Contractors can create forms for estimates, action plans, safety requirements, and more. They can also create invoices and reminder notices for customers with unpaid statements. Once these forms are set in place, the contractor can delegate tasks and accept assignments without ever stepping into an office. Their travel time between jobs and valuations will decrease, and they will be able to pick up supplies much quicker. Working on the go also allows the contractor to make new contacts and arrangements in the field. They can build and keep an impressive sales proposal for interested individuals in need of a developer.

Scanning Barcode ad QR Data

On advanced mobile form platforms, barcode and QR code scanning is available. This convenience allows contractors to gather data and store it in their application quickly. Code scanning is ideal for equipment tracking, tool tracking, and workplace inventory tasks. It is also a good way to monitor an employee’s time and productivity while they are working. Instead of using a time clock, the contractor can sync the scanner to every crewmember’s phone or desired mobile device. This will allow them to analyze progress and output with real data captured by the mobile app.

Gaining Freedom With Form App Capabilities

With mobile form applications, contractors can remove the limits that are preventing them from growing and expanding. This implement will allow them to make deals and connections fast so progress will be inevitable. The ProntoForms blog is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.

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Cultivating an Idiosyncratic IT Consulting Service

Just like other business, IT consultancy requires a hale and hearty flow of customers, and therefore, calls for informed marketing strategies. However, many IT Support consulting providers rely on the word-of-mouth—which simply means that they don’t market. If you are working alone, this may be sustainable. However, if you want to grow your business, you will definitely need to come up with a working plan of reaching out to potential prospects.

Be a connoisseur in your field

Strive to establish yourself as a specialist or an expert in your field by writing blogs and speaking at trade shows. You can also dedicate some time to educate your target client base on some of the IT terminologies that they don’t understand, benefits of certain IT concepts, and how certain IT services can help their businesses.

Embrace social networking

Social media provides a great platform to speak directly to people who share the same passion as you. Establish a strong presence in major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Just ensure that you remain as professional as possible, especially when sharing anything related to your business.

Form partnerships

Partnering with established but non-competing firms will go a long way in building your IT support business. However, you need to be cautious about certain aspects of your partner’s business, including how enthusiastic the company is about your project, how close your services are with their client base, and how satisfied their clients are among other considerations. Remember, the company you are partnering with, will essentially vouch for you; so it is pertinent to allow their advice carry weight.

Real-world Networking

Real world networking is one of the top secrets to any consulting business. Because you are the best representative of your IT support brand, move out of your comfort zone and start selling your brand. Get involved in the IT industry publicly by attending relevant conferences, promotional events, and local meet-ups. Whenever you go, arm yourself with a killer elevator pitch, business cards, and a go-getter attitude. Additionally, always dress professionally and leverage on making good impression on the potential prospects that you meet.

Bottom Line

By and large, marketing IT consulting services requires “expertise marketing”, which is usually done in hidden marketplaces that put a lot of emphasis of trust and great relationships. In a nutshell, consultancy business operate outside the conventional marketing mix of 4Ps—product, placement, price, and promotion. Rather, it utilizes “rainmaking” strategies that are commonly used by advertising companies, law firms, and other service organizations. This involves identifying and targeting potential clients, establishing what their problems might be, and solving them with an aim of cultivating a trust relationship—which is always the cornerstone of consultancy business marketing.

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The Aspects of System Integration Testing

System integration testing is a branch of software development process where program units are combined, and group tests carried out in multiple ways. Integration testing help to expose problems in program components interface before they cause trouble in the real-world execution of the program. Integration testing is basically a portion of Extreme Programming (XP) for software development based on continual testing and revision processes.

System Integration Testing support engineering efforts which are necessary for maintenance, fielding, integration, testing, and other software development activities. These aspects are critical for modernization of technical capabilities concerning situational awareness, force protection, intelligence, infrastructure development, and integrated imagery.

How System Testing is Carried Out

There are two main methods of executing system integration testing; top-down method and bottom-up method. Bottom-up integration testing starts with unit testing and then followed by tests on higher level combinations known as modules in a progressive manner. In top-down integration testing, the testing begins with the highest modules and then followed with lower modules in a progressive manner.

Unit testing and integration testing are both used to test the software functionality but cannot work in isolation to replace functional testing.

Application Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance (SQA) provides a means of checking the software engineering methods and processes to ensure quality. There are various ways of achieving that and may include conformance to standards like CMMI and ISO 9000, etc.

SQA monitors the entire software development process from requirements definition, software design, source code control, coding, code reviews, testing, software configuration management, product integration, and release management. SQA is arranged into goals, abilities, commitments, measurements, activities, and verifications.

According to ISO/IEC 15504 v.2.5 (SPICE), software quality assurance must provide an independent assurance where all work products, processes, and activities comply with predefined parameters.

Software testing

Software testing includes any activity that evaluates a particular attribute or program capability. It tests the system on its capability to deliver required results. It is imperative for programmers and software testers for evaluating software quality. Unfortunately, software testing has remained an art due to the technicality of understanding its principles. It is almost impossible to completely test a program with moderate complexity since the process is more than debugging. The purpose of software testing is for quality assurance, reliability estimation, or verification and validation. Testing can also be used as a generic metric and can be categorized under correctness testing and reliability testing. Software testing requires a tradeoff between quality, time, and budget. To learn more, please visit QA Consultants for additional information, resources and references.

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We’re in Alpha will be a great accelerant for your networking. We’re exited to be working on our Alpha and even more excited to switch to Beta. Check out our homepage and sign up if you’d like to be informed when we do.

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The Beta is Live

Greetings from We’re excited to be in beta, which we might keep the mental concept of for a very long time. However, we are eager to move this along to being open to the public. Until then we are issuing handshake codes. Let us know if you’re interested in helping out with a little quality assurance and we’d be delighted to pass a code along to you.

We’re looking forward to helping you share.


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An Idiom is Among Us

We think we have an idiom among us. It seems to be the popular notion regarding getting jobs and general success in the world, among the circles we run. Go ahead, tell someone you’re job hunting and its highly probable you’ll hear, “It’s about who you know” mentioned at some point in the conversation.

We at wonder though, does that really capturing what’s going on? To our minds its really more about who knows you. To that end then, its in all our best interests to make it easy for people to know us.

This insight, among a couple others, is part of why exists. Our goal is that on some level can be of assistance to you in your pursuit of being known.

Maybe we can all start using a new phrase and get it to spread, “It’s about who knows you.” Who knows, maybe you can stick that idea in your personal branding tool kit and use it to your advantage.

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Know the Algorithm

Google is going to find you. It is just the way it is. Maybe you’ll run a race at some point, your name will be printed somewhere, some place and boom, you’ve been found. So, the question is about what will be there when someone asks Google about you?

Google, in this sense then, can be seen as that contact, that friend that knows everyone in the crowd at the party and is so nifty, cool and interesting. Google is the disembodied entity most people have a real opportunity to meet. Google is the one you want to hangout with. The difference is that you don’t have to wait in line to introduce your self to Google and to strike up a conversation.

This is, in some sense, a factor in the decision to start extendr. We looked around and asked ourselves what it would be like to introduce ourselves to Google in a clear and elevator-pitch kind of way.

We don’t have the results yet. We hope you check it out and decided if the service is right for your goals. We’ll keep you updated as we continue down the path of this prototyping adventure.

Oh, least I mention that we also think could be a real nifty way to consolidate all your stuff in one place so as to make it easier to share your stuff with embodied people too. See, the “share” link and the “get cards” option for more on those strategies.

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The business card is (is not) dead

There is some discussion out there regarding if the business card is dead. Well, it is more than a discussion. A handful of companies are actively working toward that end.

To our minds, the insight the discussion is addressing is that a growing number of us are gaining more and more contact points, more than you can put on a card for example. So in that sense the card is dead. We’re simply pushing on the boundaries of the surface area on a card. Further, the trend is to get mini cards, i.e. Not only that, but we also change our communication habits quite regularly. So, what is the point in having a card at all if after printing it it just changes anyway and there is to much to print?

Well, we have on a number of occasions, had someone give us more than one card. We still want to give something to people when we meet them. Or better, it seems we want to help them remember us. So in that sense the card is not dead.

It seems the card is both dead and alive but to be sure it is changing. Enjoy and We made them redirect just for you. No matter which side of the field you land on for this challenge it seems some part of our solution can help you share.

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Introduction — Interaction

extendr is a dynamic tool. We built it with that in mind. Yet, the wheelhouse for its usability, as we currently see it, is in aiding both digital and analouge introductions. There are many sites that do interaction.’s goal is to be an elegant and easy to use tool for making your introductions more efficiently and more successfully so you can then leverage any of the many great platforms for interactions.

Join us today.

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Feature Addition

We’re happy to announce a feature addition for email links in all profiles. Now, when email links are clicked a lightbox displays with an email form. The information in the form now gets sent to your email.

There are two advantages to this method. One, your email now has a increased layer of security from bots and scrapers out looking for addresses to collect and add to spam lists. Don’t worry if your email was on a page thus far; our server logs show no such activity. Two, the email you choose to put on your page stays hidden from view from users too. In this way, you can now receive a message from someone without them knowing through what email address it was sent. This allows you the chance to choose to respond from whichever address you have (assuming you have more than one) that is appropriate for that contact. We think that is pretty slick and we hope you do too.

We hope is playing a quality role in helping you introduce yourself and in extending your network(s). Give us a shout via if you have stories and/or ideas for the service. We’d love to hear what you have to share. Cheers.

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